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Symbol Vamprey Symbol

Vamprey, Sith creation of the Night, drew its first breath nearly 25,000 years before the Rebellion against the Empire. The Vamprey is the alchemical mixture of human mortal and a light deficient blood quality found only in a predatory deep space beast called Yssissip. Through Sith sorcery and ancient Sith alchemical methods the two were spliced, and infused with the darkside of the Force. The Vamprey cannot exist in light. Light cannot kill the Vamprey, nor can it drive it away in the sense of forcing it to flee. The Vamprey loses its bodily form, disappearing from sight, no longer able to impact the physical world around it. In bright daylight, the vamprey can only be tracked by its glowing yellow and red eyes which incessantly stalk prey, waiting for the come of darkness. The vamprey feeds upon the life Force of its prey. The vamprey gains power and maintains itself by feeding upon the sentient beings of the universe.

The Vamprey hails from the world of Aridia, pre-climatic shift. The Vamprey was the creation of Sith Lord Naga Sadow. The production of the Vamprey was ended by the efforts of the Jedi some 2,000 years prior to the raise of Empire.

By: Reggie